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About Ryze Coaching

Ryze Coaching is proudly led and operated by Latoya Reid, a caring well-being coach. Latoya's mission is to support individuals as they overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and live their most fulfilling lives. She's impactful, providing clients with the tools to see beyond their immediate challenges. 


Latoya's backing will help you feel connected to your potential. She creates a warm and encouraging atmosphere where her clients truly feel seen, heard, and understood. She has worked with countless individuals worldwide, supporting them as they navigate life's complexities.


Latoya's coaching approach is centered on helping you develop self-awareness. As you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings, the focus naturally shifts away from doubt, worry, or lack. The energy that once held you back will be harnessed to amplify your strengths, broaden your perspectives, and align you with your desires. Any perceived challenge can be transformed and overcome when you operate from this empowered place.


Latoya is a coach with compassion, understanding, and knowledge. She listens very carefully. The methods and goals you set are obtainable and you feel good accomplishing them. I found it easy to talk to her and work with her.


I cannot say enough positive things about Ryze Coaching. I had been going through big life changes and was struggling both professionally and personally. Latoya helped give me clarity and an action plan. Every week I had new goals and a new drive to become a better version of myself. I Iove how it felt like therapy mixed with spirituality. After a few weeks of coaching, I felt like a new person! I will definitely be back for more coaching in the future.


Thank you so much for all of your coaching and positive energy over the past few months Latoya! Meeting you was divine timing because I really needed help working through my blocks. Thank you so much!

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